Spring thoughts from Salma’s studio

It feels like Spring may be about to arrive – I have spent Winter hibernating and recovering from surgery, but I now feel it is time to get thoughts flowing on art once again.

I have taken a few photos of my studio, the hyacinth in bloom, my bowl of shells (spot the porcelain doll’s head from Spitalfields market in London), and a photo of my plan chest with the Featherskin works awaiting scanning and framing. I also took some snapshots of my book piles on Ornament and other books I have  been reading.

I have spent the last year working on the Featherskin works and you can read all about that on my Home page and see the paintings in the Featherskin gallery.

While getting through the dark and cold winter months I have been reading, for a second time round, the wonderful book Enfoldment and Infinity – An Islamic Genealogy of New Media Art by Laura Marks. So for the next few posts I will be putting up some of the ideas I find very fascinating in this book and how some of them relate to my own work and outlook.

If you have had a chance to read my Artist Statement or the About page or my Biog you will know that a key area of interest for me is Ornament – how it works, how it means.

So check in over the next few days for my next instalment of Thoughts from Salma’s Studio 🙂


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