The Body and Beyond: Constructing and transcending human form

I am currently running this series of four workshops at Pitt Rivers Museum. I designed the workshops to take students on a journey that allows them to explore and understand more about how the body is used and represented in other cultures while taking a parallel journey to expand and develop ideas about drawing and the embodied line. We will be searching for the ‘body’, a very slippery idea that is caught up in ideologies and mythologies, in cultural, social, political, spiritual and religious notions of what the body is and how it should be presented and represented. The body is also out there, beyond our skin and it enters into the world that we see and touch.  The power of our minds and imagination, and the ability of our senses to extend themselves out into the material and sensations of the world mean that ‘body’ transcends the material and can take us to places of deeper understanding. ArtSessionsV3a



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