Celestial Navigation

Celestial Navigation or The Journeys of Moths.

A painting about a transformation and about dematerialisation and rematerialisation into something else. Metamorphosis of material into other material. About travelling. About a body that has internal organs, networks and systems, carved deliberate heavy organs, and radiating out from them tenuous filigrees of filaments that finger beyond.

A sort of sedimentation of certain substances in parts of the body and a dematerialization of others has taken place. Processes like ossification and fossilization mean that the structure and form remains but substances are replaced with other substances that are permanent and only a ghost can flit in and out of the cells and chambers where once there were fluids and growth.

Mineralization fossilization replacement of liquids gases spaces with minerals and solids. The replacement of life. Petrification, turning to stone. Permineralization.

Cocoon in which transformation from one form to another occurs.

Traces, index, memories, shadows, remains. A mark left behind by something that itself has no substance. A physical trace of something that is not physical.

The wings allowed the night time journey to take place. They do not appear to be up to the job. Filaments and diaphanous stretches, lamellae shimmering, causing interference of light. Luminous orbs in the sky are followed. Angles are measured between the horizon and these bodies in the sky to know ones place and chart the journey across oceans. In this way Dead Reckoning is supposedly avoided. The cumulative errors of estimating where you are based on the last time you knew for certain where you were. But now you could be anywhere. The multiplication of error.


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