Orebody (Morveren)

Millenia of fusion in the stars

now I am hiding

in a fissure deep in fire rock


the pattern of history in stones and bones

sulphurous ferrous coffin cut me out

my body is black and glittering

my body is iridescent slippery

cassiterite chalcocite chalcopyrite

malachite azurite copper peacock

I am hard and beautiful

not how you remember me

you will

break your back to find me

lose yourself in a dark

stinking gleaming black slippery

crack in the world

and stones will break your bones


copper butterfly silver studded blue

in a planetary dance but you

bending breaking sweating

hacking picking writhing on your belly

like a snake

lose all your six yellow lives

extract a pain you did not know you had

on a whim

drag my broken body up to light

wash my body

have it dressed caressed

burnish mourn

millenia of fusion in the stars

copper plate

tin spoon


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